Hidden World of Shadi Ghadirian

In honor of International Womens’ Day, here is another audio slideshow I produced in collaboration with The Kitchen Sisters.  Shadi Ghadiran is a remarkable Iranian photographer whose photograph, above, was one of the inspiration for the Kitchen Sisters’ Hidden World of Girls series.  She was interviewed by Davia Nelson when they were beginning to bring the series together, and I used that interview in this piece and showcase of her work.

The Hidden World of Shadi Ghadirian from The Kitchen Sisters on Vimeo.

Log Cabin Ranch Project

The Log Cabin Ranch Pilot Program is associated with the The Beat Within, a weekly publication of writing and art from incarcerated youth around the country.  Along with an extremely awesome workshop leader named Will Roy, we led six weeks of workshops guiding the participants toward creating their own pieces of radio advocacy.  These are the two pieces that came from the two series of workshops.  Thanks to: Patricia Johnson, Susan Stone, Jim McKee, The Kitchen Sisters, Dave Inocencio, and of course, Will Roy.

And of course of course, the residents of Log Cabin Ranch.  xo!

Art from The Beat Within.  For more information on The Beat Within (and an opportunity to donate to this worthwhile organization!):


If These Walls Could Talk

I’ve been working with sound artist Susan Stone on her project, If These Walls Could Talk. Susan, who also works as a mediator in San Francisco’s Juvenile Hall, conceived of the project “so these young people live out loud, reflecting beyond bars who they are, and who they might yet become.”  My role has been been to help with some of the recording and mixing of the young people’s words.

Here are some of the pieces I mixed, and soon will be featured on the site.


Do You Miss Me?

If I Ruled the World


Work in progress…

I need help naming my new project. Here’s my little pitch:

The idea is to produce daily sonic morsels that provide listeners a taste of the quirky, strange, shocking and wonderful moments in Montana’s history.  “Today in the Territory” (working title) will be 365 five-minute narratives that make creative use of sound and music in combination with engaging character-based storytelling.  The listener will learn about the two Irish brothers in Butte who developed Keno from a lottery game brought to Western Montana by Chinese immigrants, and how it reflects a long history if cross-cultural exchange in our state.  Or they will hear about how, on August 20, 1910, during the Great Blowup, Ione “Pinky” Adair hiked by herself 30 miles along the Montana/Idaho border to escape the largest wildfire the United States has ever seen.  And blah blah so on…

I’m doing my very very best to apply for a Humanities MT grant for this project… any suggestions are absolutely welcome.

I’m working on a little pilot piece to shop around, and I’ll post it as soon as its ready.