Log Cabin Ranch Project

The Log Cabin Ranch Pilot Program is associated with the The Beat Within, a weekly publication of writing and art from incarcerated youth around the country.  Along with an extremely awesome workshop leader named Will Roy, we led six weeks of workshops guiding the participants toward creating their own pieces of radio advocacy.  These are the two pieces that came from the two series of workshops.  Thanks to: Patricia Johnson, Susan Stone, Jim McKee, The Kitchen Sisters, Dave Inocencio, and of course, Will Roy.

And of course of course, the residents of Log Cabin Ranch.  xo!

Art from The Beat Within.  For more information on The Beat Within (and an opportunity to donate to this worthwhile organization!):


One thought on “Log Cabin Ranch Project

  1. Nice work Lacy. Thank you for all you gave to this project. I truly hope the audio piece @ lcrs will continue, and that the beat within will continue to touch the lives of our young incarcerated and those individuals that care for years and years to come. stay in touch!

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