Work in progress…

I need help naming my new project. Here’s my little pitch:

The idea is to produce daily sonic morsels that provide listeners a taste of the quirky, strange, shocking and wonderful moments in Montana’s history.  “Today in the Territory” (working title) will be 365 five-minute narratives that make creative use of sound and music in combination with engaging character-based storytelling.  The listener will learn about the two Irish brothers in Butte who developed Keno from a lottery game brought to Western Montana by Chinese immigrants, and how it reflects a long history if cross-cultural exchange in our state.  Or they will hear about how, on August 20, 1910, during the Great Blowup, Ione “Pinky” Adair hiked by herself 30 miles along the Montana/Idaho border to escape the largest wildfire the United States has ever seen.  And blah blah so on…

I’m doing my very very best to apply for a Humanities MT grant for this project… any suggestions are absolutely welcome.

I’m working on a little pilot piece to shop around, and I’ll post it as soon as its ready.


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